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It would seem that delightful weather and exquisite scenery would be all anyone would need to make Florida beaches the ultimate destination but, believe it or not, there is something that adds an amazing component to the mix. Powerboat racing provides the ultimate thrill. Before making a decision about which beach to choose, explore the many available in Florida. Whether it’s Naples or Panama City on the Gulf Coast or Key West, Miami, or Jacksonville on the Atlantic coast, the challenge will be exhilarating. All the information needed can be found on the Visit Florida website.

Whether they are called powerboats, speedboats or motorboats, they have one thing in common – speed. Classes are available for those who have never participated in this sensational adventure. After learning the basics like using a comprehensive checklist, safety, and what to expect, it will be time to head for the ocean. Starting and stopping, jumping waves, throttling, and maneuvering are some of the skills that must be mastered before flying solo. Be forewarned, the excitement is addicting.

Those who are drawn to the challenge of racing have plenty of company. Races showcase those who excel in the sport. Under the guidance of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), various organizations sponsor races designed to highlight the best racing athletes and develop an interest in the sport.

One example is Powerboat P1 which is dedicated to developing and growing marine motorsports racers from beginner to expert. Showcasing the P1 SuperStock Championship, the organization promotes participation at all levels of skill. The races associated with this championship are held all over the world including the U.S., India, Denmark, and the U.K. Crowds gather along the shore to witness the display of talent.

The P1 AquaX, another series of races under the Powerboat P1 umbrella, is unique because it focuses on amateurs who want to compete and hone their skills. These races encourage the development of new talent so critical to the future success of the sport.

Putting powerboat racing in Florida on the list of things to do will provide the opportunity to add a new dimension to life. Whether participating in a race, observing, or boating on a weekend, this sport has plenty to offer.