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David C. Branch


David C. Branch is a Mergers and Acquisitions Expert and Founder of Viper Equity Partners, where he provides his clients with full M&A advisory services and comprehensive accounting and financial support.

David C. Branch’s Life and Career


Outside of his career, David C. Branch lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where he has been involved in competition and racing since he was a child. At just 12 years old and already rife with talent, David began pro surfing competitively. Over the next five years, David toured the world with a tutor, traveling to compete as a surfer and sending money back home to help out his family as he did. When he returned home at 17 – a foot taller than when he’d left – David Branch turned to pro motocross and began racing for Suzuki. After working with Suzuki, David switched to boats and began powerboat racing, an activity he did for 25 years for which, in 2010, he was inducted into the hall of fame. 

When it comes to competitive sports, David has found that most people either enjoy the competition or they don’t. For him, the appeal behind powerboat racing – as well as surfing and motocross – is the ever-changing nature of the course. With the wind always changing and the water never staying the same, he enjoys the constant alterations and being forced to problem-solve on the spot, continually applying the rhythm of the race to the circumstances of each new situation. He likes the anticipation and unpredictability, describing his overall powerboat racing and competitive mindset as Adapt, Change, Overcome – similar to the mindset with which he approaches business. 

Throughout his career racing, David C. Branch has earned numerous awards and championships for his skills. He was a Super Boat International (SBI) National Champion the following years: 1996, 1998-2000, 2003-2005, 2007-2009, and 2013. He was awarded Offshore Sportsman of the year in 1996 and Sportsman of the Year in 1997, and he was a World Champion in 2000, 2011, and 2012. Additionally, he won the Offshore Racing Award of Valor and the Offshore Racing Medal of Honor in 1998. Cumulatively, David has won 10 national championships, four world titles, and 73 checkered flags spanning more than 3011 races, joining the Hall of Champions in 2007. 

Although David C. Branch doesn’t race to the extent he used to these days, he enjoys staying up-to-speed with the current happenings in the powerboat racing world. He also enjoys sharing his many insights with other racers and racing enthusiasts through his blog articles. Today he works as the Founder and CEO of Viper Equity Partners, the country’s leading medical transition consultation firm. They work with with dentists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to improve their practices. They have over $1 billion in closed deals and relationships with top-notch Equity Firms, Finance Partners, Banks, Analysts and Lawyers. They were recently listed as one of the fastest growing companies of the year by Best in Biz

To gain more information about David C. Branch and his career in speedboat racing, check out his website and be sure to visit his blog!

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