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If COVID-19 has you worried about your favorite Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) racing schedule for 2021, there’s quite a bit of good news. OPA is working diligently to build a racing schedule that grows the sport and promises to keep current fans looking forward to the events. Here are the highlights of the 2021 offshore racing schedule, so start planning now.

Bigger and Better Than Ever


After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, OPA understands that fans are beyond enthusiastic to get back to normal aspects of life, including watching offshore racing competitions. Rather than scale back or keep things the same as past years, OPA has worked to make 2021 bigger and better than recent years, and their plans will give fans a thrilling experience from start to finish.

New Locations and Same Old Favorites


OPA has included 11 venues for the 2021 offshore racing schedule, and they are working to add even more. They are also bringing back Solomon’s Island in Maryland that was dropped from the schedule in the past few years. The current 2021 OPA schedule includes:

  • Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
  • Point Pleasant, New Jersey
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • St. Clair, Michigan
  • Michigan City, Indiana
  • Solomon’s Island, Maryland
  • Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Englewood, Florida


Other locations are in the works, including dates in April and August, so be sure to stay on top of the most recent updates from OPA.

Working with COVID-19 Reality


A spokesperson from OPA says that, while COVID-19 continues to be a concern in 2021, the organization is moving forward with plans with a positive and optimistic attitude. OPA hopes to relay their excitement to fans who may have missed out on offshore racing in 2020, as well as those who are new to the sport.

Possibility of Cancellations


OPA understands that the future with COVID-19 is filled with uncertainty, and that cancellations are possible. The organization plans to build a solid offshore racing schedule for 2021 and manage cancellations that may arise from public health priorities. To the extent possible, OPA will re-schedule events if needed or add other venues to ensure that fans have access to the sport.