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With the gifting holidays right around the corner and online shopping options now more diverse than ever, right now is an ideal time to get into holiday shopping for that seafaring boater. With so many choices on the theoretical table, however, it can be overwhelming to find something to choose from or to even find somewhere to start. To help alleviate this, the following is a list of items that the seaman next door just may enjoy.


Airhead’s Big Mable Inflatable Double Rider Towable


Featuring a high backrest and air-cushioned sidewalls, this towable is like a floating recliner that will keep its passengers safely aboard regardless of the performance of the individual piloting the boat. Riders of this inflatable can utilize a Dual Point Tow system to choose between sitting, kneeling, and standing. Priced at $198.89 on Amazon.


Wet Sounds A-Link


Ideal for the boater who just can’t stand conflicting tunes when tied up with other boats, this device enables the user to wirelessly receive or broadcast audio from multiple sources, meaning that all connected boats can have one synchronized playlist that originates from a single source. These devices work without wifi or a Bluetooth connection, however, connected boats must remain within 100 feet, or about 33 yards, of each other and maintain a line of sight. Each A-Link device must be programmed to send or receive and comes in a kit of two that includes also a 3.5-millimeter connection cable, one y adapter, and one micro USB charging cable. Item is priced at $158.00 on Amazon.


Go-Pro Hero 7 White


Whether leaving the dock for a day on the lake or braving white-caps, boating can be an exhilarating and memorable experience. With the Go-Pro Hero 7, these memories can now last a lifetime and be viewed in high-definition, on-demand. Waterproof up to 33 feet, this Go-Pro camera can also record unique time-lapse footage. Also features built-in voice controls. Available at Amazon for $162.99


The Boat Loop


Here to make life a little bit easier for the avid boater is The Boat Loop, which boasts an extendable pole with a flexible loop that a boater or boat crew member can use to grab a deck cleat or piling. Available on Amazon for $99.95