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If you’ve decided that you’re interested in racing powerboats, you’re not alone. Many people enjoy the thrill of tearing across the water at breakneck speed. If you’ve decided that this adrenaline-fueled challenge is for you, there are several steps you need to complete before you can enter your very first race. Although the process may appear daunting, the following steps will walk you through what you need to do to be successful in your endeavor. 


Pick a Driving School


Before you hit the water, you’re going to need to learn more about racing, boat safety, and more. The best way to do this is to attend a driving school. This will provide you with a realistic and safe racing experience in a controlled environment. Some of the topics covered include how to properly turn your boat and how to line up for the start of a race. 


Attend Nearby Races


Another great way to learn more about boat racing is to attend races that take place in your region. Take a day and head out to the water. Not only will you get to enjoy watching races and learning more about how they run, but you’ll also be able to ask questions. Many racers are very passionate about their sport and happy to provide you with answers. Some may even be willing to let you help crew. Everybody starts somewhere! 


Select Your Equipment


Your next step is to pick out your equipment. Options are endless– there are dozens of suppliers and manufacturers. Deciding what’s right for you may be difficult. Don’t shy away from doing your research! If you know anyone else who races, consider asking them for their opinions. One place to check for used equipment is the APBA classifieds.


Take Care of Your Boat


Of course, you can’t enter a race without a boat! Make sure yours is in tip-top shape! Most racers choose to buy an already-assembled hull. They may modify their engine to ensure they can hit top speeds. Although it’s certainly a lot of work, owning and maintaining your own boat is part of the excitement and challenge. 


Register for a Race


To register to race, you’ll need a membership card, club card, and an entry form for the place you’re racing in. You may also need a physical or extra training, depending on the race. Once you’re registered, you’re good to go!